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Page created on 24 Nov 2008
Page last modified on 1 Feb 2009

Singapore has as many as 50 over museums. The larger ones are under the umbrella of the National Heritage Board whilst many of the smaller ones are privately-owned. Most museums have a main theme with a local flavour. Choose those of interest to you and do spend time visiting them.
If you are interested in Singapore's colonial history, do visit museums such as the Images of Singapore; and the National Museum of Singapore, where the Singapore History Gallery gives a very good overview. Other museums give a different angle on the colonial days such as the Chinatown Heritage Centre, the Malay Heritage Centre, etc.
A lot of information on World War II in Singapore can be found in places such as Memories at the Old Ford Factory, Changi Museum, Reflections at Bukit Chandu and National Museum of Singapore.
Ever wondered about the history of Singapore's armed forces, airforce, navy, fire-fighting and civil defence or even the Singapore coin? Then a visit to the Army Museum of Singapore, the Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum, the Republic of Singapore Navy Museum, the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery or the Singapore Mint Coin Gallery would be a must.
Historical artefacts on specialty areas can also be seen in places such as the Singapore Philatelic Museum for stamps, the Singapore Art Museum for art collections, the MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys) Museum of Toys, the Asian Civilisations Museum with its focus on the cultural heritage of Asia, the Peranakan Museum with its unique South-east Asian culture, etc.