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Short Trips from Singapore
Short Trips From Singapore
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Singapore is located in the midst of South-East Asia in the tropics, where Malaysia and Indonesia are its immediate neighbours. With Singapore's well-connected transport infrastructure, it is easy to take short trips to surrounding countries where some of the world's most beautiful nature is found.
From Singapore, it is easy to drive to Malaysia. Flights to popular destinations in the regional countries are also frequent and budget airlines make them very affordable. There are regular train services to Malaysia and the Orient Express goes all the way from Singapore to Thailand. Frequent ferry services serve the nearby Indonesian islands and short cruises from Singapre make stops in Malaysia and Thailand.
A popular destination for a 1-day trip is Malacca in Malaysia. It is a former Portugese and Dutch settlement, which is about 3 to 4 hours' drive from Singapore. Other places in Malaysia that are good for short 2- to 3-day trips include Tioman Island, a snorkeling and diving paradise, and Langkawi with its beautiful pristine white beaches and luxury resorts.
Other popular destinations slightly further afield include Bali and Manado in Indonesia. Phuket and Bangkok in Thailand are also easily accessible.