East Coast Park is one of the most popular beach park in Singapore for all sorts of activities ranging from cycling, inline skating to camping or just having a picnic.

How much time you will need: Depends on you are planning to do.

What we thought of it: A great place to bring the family for various activities.
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The East Coast Park is one of the most popular beach park in Singapore. Stretching 15 km, it is built entirely on reclaimed land. Its beaches are man-made and suitable for swimming, and has breakwaters to protect the beach. Lined with trees, shelters and barbecue pits, there is something for everyone - recreational or just rest and relax.
Activities such as cycling and inline skating are popular. There are many kiosks renting bicycles, tandem bikes or inline skates, especially near the main amenities. Other recreational activities that are available at the park include sand-castle building, cable-skiing or wakeboarding, tennis, bowling, etc. There's even a small amusement park with rides for the kids.
One of our favourite spots for a family recreational day out is the area around Marine Cove. The kids would rent bicycles or inline skates for an hour; play ball or frisbee; take the rides at the amusement park and then end off the day with dinner at one of the many eateries there. Other times, we would go to the bowling alley, then round off the day at the amusement park and dinner.
There are also many idyllic spots to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. One such favourite location is the area around the East Coast Lagoon. We enjoy taking a leisurely stroll to the lagoon to watch the cable water-skiers, or to Bedok Jetty to see what the avid anglers have caught. And there's nothing like having a meal at the rustic East Coast Lagoon Food Village to end off the day.
East Coast Park offers a range of restaurants, fast food chains and food centres. The cuisine includes western, seafood, local, etc. Because of their location next to the sea, these places are popular for their relaxed ambience and good food. Most of these can be found at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village, the Seafood Centre, Marine Cove and Playground @ Big Splash.

There are cold showers and toilets found at regular intervals along the park.

This place is more for recreational activities and playing on the beach than for swimming in the waters.

Keep an eye on your kids especially where it is crowded as it is a big park.

Things to Bring
Bring change of clothes so you can go for both wet and dry activities.

Bring snacks and drinking water if you decide to go to a more idyllic spot where amenities are sparser.

Opening Times
Opening times: The park is open all the time.

Best time to go: Early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hot mid-day sun. Some activities (e.g. bike rentals, bowling, etc.) are available from mid-morning on weekends and late morning or early afternoon during weekdays.

Admission Fees
Free admission to the park. Rental of bikes, inline skates, etc., costs from $3 per hour. Other activities will cost differently.

How to Get There
By Taxi - All taxi drivers know East Coast Park. This is the fastest and easiest way to get there. You'll have to let them know the landmarks, e.g. Lagoon, Marine Cove, etc.

By MRT & bus - Alight at Bedok Station on the East-West Line. On weekends from 2 pm to 10 pm, take bus 401 from the bus interchange and alight anywhere along the park. You can check with the bus driver where to stop for any particular interest. Otherwise, take a taxi.

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