Located next to the beach, the East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a popular food centre with locals and foreigners alike. You will be spoilt for choice of local dishes to choose from.

What we thought of it: A great place with a great ambience for a low-cost and delicious local hawker meal with family and friends.
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Location: Along East Coast, next to the lagoon.
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East Coast Lagoon Food Village
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The East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a hawker centre with a rustic "kampong" (or Malay village) design. It is inviting to come, especially in the evenings, to have a meal and enjoy the outdoor ambience.

Situated next to the beach, it is in an ideal location to refresh after a time of seaside activities.
It is also located right next to the lagoon where Ski360°, Singapore’s very own cable skiing or wakeboarding (waterskiing or wakeboarding using an overhead cable instead of a boat) is found. So you can have a short stroll after your meal and watch the water-skiers go around the lagoon.
The price of food here is comparable with most food centres around town, starting from $3 a dish. The barbequed seafood is more costly ranging from $6 to $20 a dish. The quality of the food is generally good. Popular dishes include Malay satay (barbequed meat on bamboo sticks), barbequed seafood, fried hokkien prawn noodles, roti-john (fried egg & meat on French baguette), stew pork leg (only during lunch-time).
Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available. Don't miss the local fresh fruit juice - the whole coconut which is quite refreshing. The sugar-cane drink is another local fresh juice commonly found here - without lemon for a sweeter flavour, with lemon for a more zesty taste.

Tell Us what you think
Take time to decide on the type of food. The better the food, the more popular the stall is.

Things to Bring
A hungry stomach and an adventurous mind to try new food.

Opening Times
Opening times: Open for lunch and dinner late into the night

Best time to go: Early evenings for dinner when it is cooler, more stalls open and livelier. It gets crowded and busy later in the evenings and very busy over weekends.

Admission Fees
None - it's free admission.

How to Get There
By Taxi - All taxi drivers know East Coast Lagoon Food Village. This is the fastest and easiest way to get there.

By MRT & Bus – Alight at Bedok Station on the East-West Line. On weekends from 2 pm to 10 pm, take bus 401 from the bus interchange and alight at the lagoon. Otherwise, take a taxi.

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